Here is a review of a Star Wars book that I did a while ago called “Choices of One” by Timothy Zhan.  It was really awesome and I loved it!  I gave it 5/5 stars.  Enjoy!

I’ve ready everything that Zahn’s ever written for the Stars universe and he never wrote something for Star Wars that wasn’t amazing, and he didn’t disappoint with this book!


The characters of Mara Jade, Pallaeon, Thrawn, and the Hand of Justice are his and no one can write them as good as he does!

So we follow the Hand of Justice and find out they have stayed true to their oaths to the Empire. They are going around the galaxy and righting the wrongs and fighting the injustices that the Empire is too busy to deal with. Like small warlords that are stealing from and killing small farmers, ousting corrupt officials sometimes violently if need be and many other small things.

Mara Jade is sent on a mission by the Emperor to kill an official that is offering his home planet on the fringes of the Empire as a military base for the Rebellion. She needs some back up but will only take Storm Troopers that she trusts, so she gets ahold of the Hand of Justice and they head off to complete their mission.

Now something that Zahn does that I WISH other authors and even Lucas himself would do. He gives much credit and respect to the Storm Troopers. He recognizes that these aren’t just Red Shirts, they are highly skilled and well trained and very intelligent and resourceful commandos that each have their own personality and don’t always just do as their told. Zahn re-establishes to the readers that even though these men are technically deserters, they still take the oath they made to defend and protect the citizens of the Empire very seriously.

The Rebels are at the planet checking the place out to see if they want to have the base there and if the guy’s offer is legit and to make sure this isn’t an elaborate trap. Of course our main rebels are there, Han, Leia, Chewie, Luke, and my personal favorite, Wedge Antilles!

During the course of the book we find out that this is where the rebels found their snow speeders that they use on Hoth and this is also when the Emperor decided to use Endor as the staging grounds to build the second Death Star. But the crazy thing is that never once is Endor, or the shield generator mentioned. Zahn does such an amazing job of storytelling that he doesn’t have to mention them, just the way that the characters are talking, you know that is what they are discussing.

So it turns out an imperial agent has committed horrible crimes and has really kidnapped the traitor’s family and if he doesn’t make this deal to the Rebels, they will be killed. Mara Jade figures this out, rescues the hostages, and delivers justice to the TRUE traitor in the way that only she can!

Also during this whole book the Hand of Justice finds themselves fighting side by side the rebels because they both want the same thing. To save the family of this poor manipulated man, bring the criminals behind it to justice and stop this mysterious warlord from the Unknown Regions who is pulling the strings of everything that wants to enslave entire races of aliens.

The ending, oh my god the ending!?! Let’s just say that not only does the true military might of the Empire come to bear on this alien warlord, Thrawn does it with such style and ease that he makes it look easy and you realize that he had a strategy for this the entire time and it’s delivered to the reader on a silver platter in the way that only Zahn can write it!


So in closing, this book was amazing and had me hooked from the first chapter! If you’re a fan of Star Wars or Zhan, you HAVE to check this out!