Here is a review of a paperback book “The Legends of Windemere:  Beginning of a Hero” by Charles Yallowitz.  I loved this book and I can’t tell you enough about how great this book was!  I got this book on Wednesday and finished it by Sunday afternoon, it only took five days.  Not because it was short, but because it was that interesting and engaging and I was quickly immersed in this new world and I was eager to explore it!  Enjoy!

I haven’t read many fantasy novels for a while, mostly I’ve been into Sci-Fi, so this was a nice return to the genre for me after my long hiatus!

First of all I want to point out the cover.  The cover has a young evilsh boy with a dog that looks like a German Shepherd and they are in a forest, and the boy has two swords strapped to his hips.  It’s a very simple cover and it does it’s job well.  It makes the reader want to find out more about who this boy is and who his furry companion is.


Okay so we start out with a messenger on a mission to find a hero to protect the heir of a royal family who is studying at a battle academy, only the hero that was chosen was killed in battle right in front of the messenger’s eyes!  Then our hero enters and is chosen by the messenger to be the replacement hero!  We are introduced to young Luke Callindor who stumbles upon the messenger.  The messenger decides that Luke is a good replacement for the original hero and tells him of the mission that he is to undertake.  However the description of heir was lost, so Luke knows that he has to go to the academy and protect the heir but doesn’t know who it is!  On top of that Luke has lied about his exploits and his abilities so he is undertaking a mission that he probably is unqualified for but he has such ambition that he is determined to live up to the legacy that his family has of being heroes!  If that isn’t the set up for a great fantasy novel, I don’t know what is!

Something that I loved about the main character is that Luke comes from a long line of heroes who have done great things and have gone on exciting adventures and everyone holds him up to the standard of his father and his grandfather.  But this bothers Luke because he wants to have his own accomplishments instead of everyone gushing over him because of whose son or grandson he is.

So then Luke and his faithful canine companion Stiletto are off to the academy where Luke has fake papers that allow him to enroll as a student that is sponsored by the heir’s father.  The academy is run by a former mercenary named “Selenia,” who has retired from adventuring and has decided to pass on the wisdom that she has to the next generation of adventurers.

While Luke is at the academy he is forced to keep his true mission a secret so that no one will know that he lied and doesn’t really belong there, and to avoid having someone else take over the mission before he can prove that he can handle missions and show that he is more than just his last name.

When Luke is at  the academy he makes friends of a Halfling named “Nimby,” a carpentry instructor and former master thief.  This was my favorite character of the book, he was silly but had a mysterious background that we slowly learn about as the book unfolds.  Also a gnome illusionist named Fritz who rides a sheep as a mode of transportation.  Fritz is also a huge womanizer who loves to hit on anything that is female and has two legs.  A half-elf priest named “Aedyn” who is scouting the academy for his order who rarely shows emotion.  Last but not least we have a tiny dragon named Fizzle who has a hard time with our language so he sounds as if he is a child when he is far wiser than he seems to everyone else and is a wielder of potent magic!

Our villain is a Lich, an undead wizard who has summoned a demon from the depths of this world’s version of Hell that is called a “Hellfire Elf” in order to do his dirty work of finding the heir, slay them and destroy Luke as well.


The characters all have their roles to play in this book and they all contribute in their own unique ways and you will enjoy reading about the personal growth that they all go through during the course of the book.

If you want to know what happens with Luke and his companions you will have to read the book because I can’t do it justice by just summarizing it here with this post.

You have GOT to check this one out!