Just to give you, my readers, an idea of what my reviews are like, here is one of my older reviews that I posted on Amazon.com about a book called “Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller,” by Ben Tripp.  Hope you enjoy!

Okay lately I’ve been reading zombie novels hoping to find something that can live up to my expectations and so far I’ve been very disappointed with what I’ve found. Then I was given this novel for Christmas and let me tell you, I was utterly BLOWN AWAY by how good this book was!

Seriously! This book is awesome! I kept looking for something wrong with it and something to complain about, because as a critic I’m always looking to point out what is wrong. Well my inner critic took a back seat to my inner zombie geek and I just enjoyed the ride!


Ben Tripp introduced the awesome character of Danny, a tough as nails mountain sheriff who is also a veteran who survived multiple tours in Iraq. The zombie plague breaks out and she keeps her little group of survivors alive and in one piece all the while she is looking for her sister who took off at the beginning of the book. Eventually she does find her at the very end and the story does wrap up nicely.

Now the origins of the zombies in this book are only vaguely explained as being the result of a terrorist cell releasing some kind of virus into the public all over the group at the same time. I loved this! It was quick, didn’t bog down the story with too many details or technobabble, it got the point across and kept the story going. Then the zombies are the usual dumb shambling zombies, (my personal favorite!), and they are killed by head shots and eat human flesh. Again, perfect!

Later our main hero goes to the burning remains of San Francisco to find that the government is trying to hold onto what little control it has left over the people of the nation. This is the only part of the book I didn’t like. It had the author’s political agenda in it and it kinda dragged the story. But I LOVED how Danny just waltzed in, told the remaining government official how she was stupid and that trying to use this catastrophe to further her career was going to get everyone killed.

Then the zombies became fast and started being a little smarter. Normally I don’t like this, but it was done so well that I didn’t mind. The zombies rotted if they didn’t eat flesh and if they did they were preserved. All through the book it is hinted that the zombies are evolving and that they are getting smarter and becoming more like us. The very last sentence in the book really drives this message home as to just how much these zombies have evolved.


I seriously hope that the author writes a sequel to this book! I am giving the book only 4 stars because the author did kinda write in his own personal political views. Other than that the book was mind blowing. Definitely check this one out!